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eCommerce Personalisation: How to Offer it With Ease

March 26, 2020 4 min read
Personalisation is the most important, popular way to acquire and retain customers. Here's how you can add it for your site and make it look easy.
Unlimint team
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Unlimint team
Your payment experts

While social distancing is a relatively new, and unfortunate norm for brick and mortar stores of all shapes and sizes. For the online world of eCommerce business: it’s business as usual, at least when it comes to engaging their customers.

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of the Expectation Economy when appealing to your users, and the profound difference it can make in the fortunes of your platform.

According to more recent studies, 75% of shoppers under 30 expect some level of personalisation when shopping online.

Businesses really need to have the experience of their customers front and centre, now more than ever, really.

As for why exactly, the answer is pretty simple: Some of the most ‘plugged in‘ demographics consist of young professionals (under 30 years old) and exceptionally high earners ($50,000-75,000+), according to recent studies as well: 75% of these same shoppers expect some degree of personalisation when shopping online.

With so many young and affluent shoppers getting online regularly: if your online shopping experience doesn’t have them in mind, you’ll be out of theirs.

But personalising your customer experience is not as complicated as it sounds. Here are some really easy ways for you to personalise online shopping for your customers.

Easy Steps to Personalise Your eCommerce Platform

Product Recommendations

By simply modifying the way that your platform uses user data, you can fine-tune your website to the kind of experience or products that your customers are interested in.

Marketplace platforms like Amazon offer product recommendations at every stage of a customers ‘journey’

When users access your store, and lookup particular items, this data is then used to filter out the ones that are least relevant while pushing up the ones that are most likely to appeal depending on user browsing behaviour.

For example, if they’re searching under certain categories while quickly clicking away from, or completely avoiding others; the writing’s on the wall for what they do and don’t want.

This feature can be easily put to use for the entirety of your customer base and becomes increasingly important as you move from capturing user interest, to retaining them.

It has the impressive ability to upsell particular products and encourage customers to take advantage of particular offers in addition to whatever it is they’re looking for.

Item-Specific Discounts

eCommerce websites can be truly intelligent, and one of the ways you can make yours brilliant too. Offering customers item-specific coupons or discounts when they input their email, or just when they’re visiting the site carries a large number of benefits attached.

While they carry their own pros and cons, they’re distinctly popular among online shoppers. According to Statista, by 2021, more than 145 million American shoppers will reliably redeem coupons and discount codes. It makes perfect sense, then, to offer them as a growing incentive for your site.

While results aren’t fully guaranteed from offering coupons/discounts, but they seriously boost retention and acquisition when they do work.

The immediate positives? Coupons and discounts beg to be used, and can often carry a time limit to make sure that customers make a purchase. While these codes do put a small dent in revenues, using a code makes it more likely for the consumer to make a purchase, but also to increase the amount that they buy.

In offering a discount, an eCommerce store can give customers the final nudge to make a purchase, increase the average cart size, and give a nice additional nudge to customer acquisition and retention.

There’s no time limit attached to the effectiveness of discounts either; whether the customer is brand new or a years-long loyal one: they continue to work.

Make use of Email

We’re all very familiar with the convenience (and sometimes annoyance) that comes with email. But for eCommerce business, it’s an exceptionally powerful tool that puts you in direct contact with your users, no matter where they are in the world.

Email-targetted advertising at any point in a customers journey makes a massive difference to whether a customer sticks around, or leaves for good.

Sending a welcome email to your customers, for example, boasts a staggering 82% open rate, and sets a really positive precedent between them and your eCommerce business.

Maintaining an active, personalised conversation with users through cart abandonment emails is also incredibly useful.

When businesses send 1-3 of these out, they bring in 69% more orders compared to sending nothing out. Once again, personalisation is also a matter of providing an encouraging nudge to users.

Streamline Your Payments

In the eCommerce world, it’s important to think of the entire customer journey as being one long conversation. It stands to reason, then that you make it a frictionless, enjoyable experience that can be picked back up at any time.

The operative words when thinking about eCommerce and online payments is ‘variety,’ and ‘flexibility’ – the more payment solutions you offer, the more likely a customer is to pay.

Payments, while seeming like the end of the journey, is a crucial junction. If your payments are complicated and leave the user struggling to find out how they can pay, all of the lead-up to this point would have been for nothing.

Emphasis needs to be on offering local, global and flexible payment methods, to make sure nothing gets in the way of your customer and buying their chosen products.

That’s why we at Unlimint offer thousands of different alternative payment methods, while also being on the continuous look-out for new ways to provide eCommerce businesses with flexibility and variety for their payments solutions!


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