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The world is being disrupted. Self-driving electric cars, drone delivery, virtual goods, robot dogs, VR travels, and even… space tourism. What's next? Embrace it or hate it, the future is here. How about your business, is it ready to embrace the change?

Do you know how customers will pay you tomorrow?

Thousands of alternative payment methods

Unlimint not only provides card processing for all card schemes, it offers thousands of alternative payment methods locally and globally. This guarantees that you’ll be able to serve your customers anywhere in the world, even where plastic cards aren't widespread. For Africa we support all the local payment methods that your customers would expect to use covering Card Payments, Bank Transfers and Mobile Money.

Is your fintech provider as innovative as your business?

Digital business knows no borders and its financial infrastructure has to be super flexible to keep up. Unlimint offers multi-currency accounts with fast onboarding so you’re able to pay and receive funds anywhere, anytime. For companies that want to provide a special experience for their partners, we even offer white label card issuing.

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Technologies are disrupting industry after industry, leading to changing patterns of consumer behavior. Traditional financial services can barely keep up with all this innovation. Unlimint is a constantly evolving business interface for your eCommerce or digital-led business. Your payment infrastructure will always be on the leading edge, facilitating rather than blocking your global growth.

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