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Our revolutionary banking solutions and issuing services will make your payments quick and simple.

Banking services for limitless growth

Because we are the experts in tech industries and startups, the process of opening your multi-currency account will be smooth. We won’t ask for mountains of insane questions. Just focus on your business fundamentals and we'll take care of everything else.

Make worldwide payouts fast like a ninja from your single banking account

International cards
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Tomorrow’s entrepreneurs have an Unlimint corporate card

What cards are in your wallet? Scaling businesses need a company card to make corporate spending and global payments easy.

Give a company card to your team and your business expenses just got streamlined. Everyone gets a spending limit and you get a master view through one sleek interface.

Stand with your team as they start to move mountains

Your team of jet setters and nomads are constantly on the move knocking down borders. Unlimint’s corporate cards gives you scalable potential with:

Real-time tracking and control
over your team expenses
Reward program
Your first card at no cost

Card issuing API
for innovators

You can create and manage your own card program with ease. With our card issuing solutions you can build unique interactions with your customers and partners.

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