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Monetize your game globally and support it with thousands of payment methods for high conversion rates. Unlock multiple revenue streams by selling game keys, subscriptions, in-game items, and currencies from your own storefront.

Drive recurring revenue flow and increase player retention with customized subscription plans.

Deliver content and updates, manage titles, create marketing campaigns, and sell your games and in-game items, plus pre-sell your games to international players.

Build a global community with a powerful game client.

Display your game to the world today. Landing pages tailored for gamers and are easy to set up with no coding or design skills required. Integrate thousands of payment options with just one click.

Pre-sale campaigns
Build up your game community even before it’s released. Boost your new title with an attractive landing page and sell keys to your early adopters.

Power up your payment

Comprehensive anti-fraud used by major titles
One click payments for higher conversion rates
Advanced payment analytics. Gain insight from your statistics and forecast future profits.
Local pricing and payment methods to maximize your sales across different regions.
Tax management. Get ready to receive net income without the headache — we take care of everything else.

Thousands of payment methods

Global card schemes
Direct bank transfers
Local card schemes
Mobile payment methods
Cash payment options

Revenue management interface — one dashboard to track and manage relations with
paying players

  1. Real time insights on your transactions
  2. Payment trends and sales data tracking
  3. Player behavior analysis and LTV metrics
  4. Sales heatmaps with geo data of paying players
  5. Revenue forecasts
Up to
revenue per game, per month
new and returning paying users

About Unlimint Game Services

Unlimint business interface supplies the games market with the most advanced payment solutions. We help game developers to significantly increase revenues.

Whether you’re an indie developer or a titan of the gaming industry, Unlimint enables you to scale great business heights. With us, you can fully focus on developing great games while we take care of everything else.

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