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Unlimint: Looking 10 years back

July 23, 2019 2 min read
You probably don’t know Cardpay’s origin story. That’s okay — you’re here now.
Unlimint team
Your payment experts
Unlimint team
Your payment experts

You probably don’t know Unlimint’s origin story. That’s okay — you’re here now.

Our vision of an open world

We founded Unlimint (ex. Cardpay) with one core belief: once online, international commerce requires speed and flexibility.

Back in 2009, we saw that digital was winning over brick-and-mortar. It was obvious that new startups would soon need robust, flexible payment tools to power their business. The financial institutions of the time should have seen this as well but continued to offer repackaged offline services that could not meet the demands of the borderless, paperless, automated digital world.

Driven by our understanding of the coming digital market, we decided to launch a novel framework to process payments from anywhere in the world. Our vision — no borders or country limitations — just an open, equal opportunity market that anyone could access.

E-commerce runs into red tape

The reigning financial behemoths were too slow and bureaucratic to gear up for the coming changes. 

Existing e-payment vehicles were just banking copycats, too rigid to adjust to the needs of the all-digital age businesses. Merchants needed an e-payment platform with a different DNA — easy to tweak to the needs of any business. It had to evolve along with digital business.

Without further ado, Unlimint’s founders put a team together and set out to disrupt the electronic payment status quo.

The niche was there to fill. Banks were failing to satisfy fast and booming online markets, focused on big players from the US and Western Europe, to the detriment of a huge segment of their potential market. Unlimint had to connect the dots in order to translate the ideals of the open internet to traditional finance.

It was the right time and place — you no longer had to be a large bank to revolutionize the financial world. Responding to the demand of then-startups that have since become big players, Unlimint set out to disrupt the customary analog workflow of manual security checks and endless paperwork.

We stay true to our DNA, no matter where we go

Following this intuition, our team spun up Unlimint in Europe, before gradually expanding to Asia and the Americas. The platform gained traction by offering online merchants a secure payment service with a unique set of customizable features that allowed business to expand their global presence.

We’ve matured over these past ten years, but we’re still young at heart. We put people first and embrace diversity in everything we do. Our talent spool spans fourteen countries. Forty percent of our employees are women. Our team consists of experts with strong backgrounds in finance and cross-border payments. We’re here to make sure that you’re always in full control of your funds.

Our drive for agile functionality and the highest security standards reflects our experience, research, and customer feedback. We’re always looking for ways to make Unlimint even more customizable so we can serve an even larger variety of online businesses.

What’s left?

We operate a little differently than your average electronic payment service. We’re against endless bureaucracy and strive to keep internal operations nice and simple.

Unlimint onboarding is fast — we run automatic client background checks. Our dispute resolution service lets merchants handle chargebacks seamlessly, mitigating the associated risks. Our newly-integrated Electronic Signature functionality allows complex transactions to be completed quickly and efficiently.

Our platform provides a payment gateway and processing all in one place, with a convenient dashboard and quick turnaround times.


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