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How Quickly Can I Buy It? Telegram To the Rescue!

June 28, 2022 2 min read
Telegram is a thriving social platform offering direct calls, videos, communication channels and now in-app purchases! Unlimint has partnered with Telegram to bring our merchants closer to the payments of tomorrow and enhance their customers’ experience. For merchants who want to increase sales, this dynamic partnership brings continual innovation and secure payments across the multifaceted Telegram platform.
Unlimint Experts
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Unlimint Experts
Your payment experts

Telegram is a popular social messenger, available via smartphones and desktop. The popular app is available to download in 155 countries around the world, and has approximately 55.2 million active daily users! Whilst it’s become a fundamental to a way of communicating globally, the leading social media platform has also become a hub for business with payments and purchasing options for users.

Since 2020, we saw the world rethinking how to communicate, and businesses reconsidering how to effectively continue their business functions. The shift from the pandemic has forced a level of technological and business evolution, which has created room for platforms like Telegram to become a tool of progression for mobile sales. In August 2021, we saw the success of Telegram firsthand, as it was ranked as the 7th most popular mobile app downloaded across iOS and Android.

As of May 2022, Telegram has now facilitated the movement of cryptocurrency for users with Toncoin. It was first launched in 2013, in the height of messaging services across popular global platforms such as Facebook Messenger and plateaued until 2021 where Telegram saw a huge growth in popularity.

Telegram functions as a social network, as well as its communication platform. Features include numerous Telegram channels which allow subscribers to read updates on topics of all variations. Its growing channels have named Telegram as a marketplace giant – with paid features for users and a payment system built into the platform to facilitate purchases of services and goods directly through the chat. WOWZA!

Purchases are managed by a bot which generates an invoice and directs buyers to online order forms where they can pay with a new or pre-saved card. Since the pandemic, cyber attacks have soared and Telegram has taken no chances, as they include a 3DS user authentication system for every transaction! Additionally, sellers on the marketplace are unable to store and process personal data from customers, whilst the automated anti-fraud system sifts out suspicious transactions to protect merchants.

Why Telegram?

Unlimint is continuing to disrupt our world with convenient and innovative solutions, to ease struggled which consumers and merchants encounter when dealing with money. The latest push from Unlimint comes with the Telegram integration- connecting our merchants to Unlimint as their payment provider via the Telegram bot.

For those striving for an increase of sales, the Telegram integration with Unlimint will provide access to creating your own channels and managing payments, with the help of experts who support your business strategy. Connected merchants will be able to ‘socialise’ with their clients through the social app by uplifting touchpoints and increasing sales with immediate purchase options. Who wouldn’t love the convenience of making a purchase without leaving a single application? The platform offers practicality muddled with whimsy (much like yours truly). The practicality of the software is enhanced by its personable business features that support sales as merchants are able to engage with customers via their own channel and offer whimsical sticker packs as an incentive reward for loyal brand users.

The Telegram platform shows its users how added value features are a key focus to enhance user experience. At Unlimint, tech is what we do, and we thrive in supporting merchants to prepare for the world of tomorrow. Whether our inhouse experts are creating our own innovations, or we’re partnering with other technologies to create a powerhouse of services – Unlimint is bringing the financial world of tomorrow closer to businesses here and now. Make the step to tomorrow, today and get in touch with one of our tomorrow managers.


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