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Cultural Appreciation with Unlimint: Mother’s Day

May 6, 2022 3 min read
We stan mothers everywhere! With Mother’s Day fast approaching in Brazil, we wanted to take a step back and show our appreciation for the cultural value placed on the celebration. But why is Mother’s Day so important to Brazilians? And as a merchant, how can you contribute to the upcoming celebration?
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Mother’s Day is a notoriously celebrated event, occurring each year in different moths across the world. Originally it is believed that the tradition of Mother’s Day dates to the ancient Greeks, who would hold celebrations for Rhea, the mother of the gods. Now, the day is used as an opportunity to celebrate mothers in every form – from biological or single mothers to aunts and relatives fulfilling maternal roles. In recent decades, the celebration has spanned beyond female figures, and encompasses single fathers, sisters, guardians, family friends and beyond.

Mother’s Day (or Dia das Mães) is one of the biggest holidays in Brazil and falls on Sunday the 8th May this year. Some consider the event to be as big Christmas within the country. Brazilians often grow up in family-oriented homes, with the mother figure as a pinnacle to family functionality. This vision is instilled from a young age into Brazilians, and thus continues throughout their lives. In Brazil, celebrating Mother’s Day is a serious affair, spanning across numerous generations and bonds, as we mentioned above. Typically, families partake in gatherings, with attention being showered on all motherly figures during favourite activities such as BBQs, picnics and beyond. What do people usually buy for Mother’s Day? Studies and trends have shown that the highest volumes of purchases are fashion and accessories in Brazil. Additionally, beauty, sports, leisure and telephony are popular categories for purchases during this significant holiday.

So, what’s the impact?

In the sentiment of Mother’s Day and showered affections, people often seek ways to express their gratitude with a tangible gift as a keepsake. And over the years, we’ve learnt as a provider that we need to understand the merchant’s struggles and vision to really offer a truly wholesome experience. So, guess what? Merchant’s also need to offer the same to their customers!

There’s a sharp spike in consumer movement online in the lead up to Mother’s Day, with people looking to celebrate the day and building excitement with preparations. 2020 online sales on Mother’s Day reached BRL 5.7 billion. In 2021 we saw that in the 2 weeks leading up to Mother’s Day in Brazil, approximately 12.4% of products acquired were over the internet, and in fashion and accessory purchases. Hey, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?! Unlimint has said it from every angle and in every: prepare your store.

Digitalisation has meant that consumers prefer to move their shopping habits online, and we’re totally here for it! A few quick things to think about for merchants this year, to shower love to customers, in the festive spirit of maternal adoration:

  • Appreciate the emotions: “people do not buy for logical reasons, but emotional ones” – Zig Zigla. Keep the bonds there and show them that it’s more than an impulse or guilty last-minute purchase; and find yourself with loyal customers for life
  • Think mobile: Brazil is a hub for digitalisation, along with other areas of LatAm. Ensure that your products are accessible via mobile to facilitate quick purchases, on the go
  • Understand the culture: Blogs like this exist to help merchants better understand the social and cultural significance behind events to help better prepare for cultural events. Knowing a little background can make a huge difference in steering your message in a respectful and targeted way
  • Help the unprepared: No matter how significant a day may be, we’ve all forgotten to buy a gift at some point. Prepare your business with faster options such as add to cart, pay now checkout, guest checkout and rapid delivery options
  • Brazil and beyond: Brazilians across the world are looking forward to celebrating their motherly figures. So whilst it’s great to have a focus on the country, don’t forget about those who live across the world and want to partake with their loved ones from afar.

So, for all celebrating a maternal figure, in one form or another – Feliz dia das mães!


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